Parent/Athlete Team Info 2020



  • Each athlete should have bag for mask, water and any other personal items

  • Masks worn into and out of practice

  • We social distance as often as possible, need athletes to monitor as well

  • We have a HS & MS pod for training

  • We have sanitizing spray and hand sanitizer for any equipment used

  • Athletes can use locker room after school to change but not store items



  • Athletes must wear masks on bus and at meet except when participating

  • Parent/spectators should wear masks  when not able to social distance

  • Parents are not allowed by team camps or the start and finish areas

  • Parents will be encouraged to leave the meet when their child's race is finished

  • Parents/guardians can sign athlete out to take home after their race and cool down

  • There is a transportation waiver (copy below) to transport an athlete to the meet or for someone other than parent/guardian to take home.  Must be done PRIOR to meet


Magic cards/Apparel order

  • Presale and order due on Wed. 9/2

  • Presale sheet must be returned by practice Wed for any free item​

Policy Book

Fundraiser and Apparel Info

MS Information (Gr. 6-8)

Meal Hosting 2019: 

Before some meets family's may volunteer to host a spaghetti supper before a meet.  This is strictly voluntary and is typically for the 9-12 grade athletes.  Below is a schedule if you would like to reserve a date or to check where they might be at to keep track of things. Please fill in any info on the form if interested.  There might also be a couple of possibilities for a Saturday breakfast meal after a practice so contact me if interested in this. 


Contact Info:

Head Coach Dave Wik 

272-3174  school

295-4053  home

763-244-6678   cell

Asst. Coach Tony Kortenkamp